Hot Spot Products

Hot Spot Flasher
Hot Spot Flashers are known all over the world for their excellent quality and fish-catching ability; they are second-to-none in catching salmon.

Apex Trolling Lure
The World Record holding Apex is one of our most successful lures renowned for catching fish.

Apex Trout Killer
An Apex with specialized rigging designed to catch trout - every time.

Apex Walleye Special
An Apex designed at the request of anglers fishing for walleye, with incredible results.

Apex Kokanee Special
Already setting records for kokanee, this specially-designed Apex lives up to its name

Roller Baiters
Hot Spot's three-fin-sized Roller Baiters outperform competitors because of sheer quality

Agitator Flashers
This patented attractor creates vibration and fish attracting reflection at any speed and is the ultimate low drag flasher on the market today.